peisey mountain fly

Cedric is a professional in mountain sports and has over 15 years experience in paragliding.

He is passionate about this little corner of paradise and wants to share his love for the peaks, villages and valleys that he has traversed by ski, on foot and in the air, with you. Between the summits of the Mont Pourri (3779m) and the Bellecote (3417m) lies the beautiful Peisey Vallandry valley which offers you a unique view of the 400km of pistes that make up the Paradiski area.

Paragliding is the most incredible way of discovering this area. For young and old, ‘flying’ allows you to experience a unique moment. This is why Cedric will introduce you to flying as simply as possible and in the calmest of conditions for beginners.

Flying can also mean experiencing strong sensations, such as catching thermals like birds of prey or even extreme flying involving acrobatic turns…

Let yourself be guided in all confidence towards a flight adapted to your level and wishes. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice! 

Originally used by mountaineers to descend from summits, nowadays a mountain flight is accessible to everyone, from a very young age using a two-seater paraglide.

After a short slide on your skis, take off above the mountains that you are used to skiing on.

You will glide gently, descending more than 1000m. Don’t forget to ask the instructor to let you pilot the wing…

For the more adventurous, in the right conditions, you can even go higher than the mountain peaks and catch the thermals like a bird of prey!

Fly as free as a bird and you might even catch a glimpse of the majestic Royal Eagle or even the Lammergeyer vulture which has a wingspan of more than 3m.

To take off on a paragliding flight it is necessary to reach a specific speed. Thanks to being on skis means that you don’t have to run! You must however be able to stay upright in a straight line on your skis.

Nothing could be simpler and it is available to everyone from the age of 7 or 8.

There is no need to be scared as you are harnessed to the instructor by carabiners which can carry up to 2 tonnes! While you are standing up for the take-off and landing, you will be sitting very comfortably in the paragliding seat during the flight.

On skis and with the right weather and snow conditions you can get really close to the mountain face and in some cases even skim over them. A truly incredible feeling of touching the snow whilst flying – we call it the Touch and Go!